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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

J is for the Juice that makes you smarter and more attractive

We have a pear tree, and one year it was exploding with fruit. I ran a lot of it through my juicer while the family sat around waiting to see what it tasted like. Let me tell you, it was nothing like the so-called "pear juice" one buys in the store or that comes inside a can of pears.

It looked very brown and thick but tasted like nectar of the gods. And not only that, but after drinking it we found fatigue evaporated, our conversation became more intelligent and clever, we stood straighter and generally felt like we could do anything. We all felt incredibly attractive and cured of any ailments. Healing, restorative powers-- that's what this pear juice had.

So it's become a traditional saying in our home now. When someone has finals coming up or a job interview, we say, "Drink pear juice." We don't have the real good stuff anymore, but I figure eating pears will have a similar effect, even if somewhat watered down.


  1. I love pears and I eat them all the time. Does that mean that I am all those qualities you mention. Wow!

  2. I could sure use some of that.

  3. Sounds like just the nectar I need. I will have to invest in a rack of pears!

  4. I could use some of that -- it sounds like magic!

  5. We have a pear tree and I never thought to put them through the juicer. wow I will try that next year.


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