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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Extraction

Last week I had a tooth pulled-- the front one on the bottom. Right there where everyone can see. When I first went in, the dentist told me the bone was decayed and I needed an extraction, a bone graft and an implant but first an extraction.

He said, "After the extraction and bone graft, it will take about 5 months to heal before we can put in the implant."

Long thoughtful pause from me. "So I'll have no tooth right there in front?"

He hurried to say, "No one leaves this office without a tooth. You will have a temporary replacement fitted to your mouth."

So all went well, and I have a lovely false tooth attached to a retainer that I put in and out of my mouth. But the best part of this whole process was the Valium. He prescribed two pills the night before, and two the morning of the procedure. My normal anxiety (about everything not just dental work) completely evaporated. I can see why women of the Fifties and Sixties went nuts over Valium.  Good thing it's no longer readily prescribed by family doctors or I would be hooked for sure.


  1. I used some Valium in the 70s. Know what you mean. You just float away from everything. Yeah, it was wonderful!

  2. Ouch! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Oh to float on a cloud of stresslessness! Well I don't want to do it that badly that I would go to the dentist. Hate the dentist!!!

    Glad to hear all went well for you.

  4. Oh, I remember valium so well. It made all the pain go away - until the effects of the pill wore off, that is. I'd love one of those little pills right about now. Maybe I'll go to the dentist....

  5. Seriously Karen I would go to the dentist just for the 4 little valium pills he gave me!

  6. Sorry to hear about your dentist treatment but oh those Valium pills! I've had Valium in the past too and I could sooo do with some right now.

  7. I don't have much to say about tooth extraction, but I like the idea "From the Shadows to the Page," and a blog about memoir writing. If we don't put the memories on the page, they'll be lost. I look forward to following you.

  8. At least you got to feel good after the process.

  9. As someone who has had way too much dental work, I can feel your pain. Glad it went well.

  10. Alcohol may intensify the effect!
    Seriously, sorry about the extraction...

  11. Hi Karen! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog and I'm so glad we "met" here.

    Sorry to hear you had to have your tooth extracted, but that valium sure is nice, isn't it! My grandmother was one of those women in the 50's/60's using it regularly. Now that I have a child of my own I understand why! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!

    jenn (MM)

  12. Good luck with getting your implant. Sounds like the pills helped take the discomfort away from you. It's great to just take it easy and be comfortable after getting your teeth removed, right?

    -Sterling Delorme


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