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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Very Tired of Blogging

Hey, after thirty days and two blogs, posting daily, who wouldn't be? Still, I have enjoyed the A to Z Challenge and don't regret participating double. On Coming Down the Mountain, I had a theme and scheduled my posts so it was fairly stress-free. On this one, I just came up with something for the word of the day. It's been fun doing daily seat of the pants posting here, but in May I'll go back to my once a week posts, more or less. And posting 2 or 3 times a week on my other blog.

Blogging should work for one's own purposes imho. If you try to fit into someone else's idea of what it should be, you'll get frustrated and give up. It should be about your interests, time frame, routine, and style. It has to be fun, yet still a responsible task that has a purpose.

So I'm not actually very tired of blogging. I joined the A to Z Challenge to help me define my two blogs, and I think I accomplished that personal goal. But can I just say I'll be very glad when this month is over?


  1. I didn't even try the A to Z Challenge -- I knew there was no way I'd keep up with it. I sure admire those of you who have, though. :)

  2. Ditto, Karen. THe only way I managed it at all was to pre-write and pre-post, leaving me free to respond to comments and go find new bloggers to haunt.

  3. We're in the home stretch, and my feelings are mixed.

    On one hand, I'll be free of the obligation.

    But then, I'll also not have that little push to reach out to people, or to go looking for them, or to search for words and pictures.

    And I think I'll feel the loss of that.

    v: voices from the past

  4. Well done you for doing TWO a-z challenges!!! Yay!!! Take care

  5. The A-Z Challenge sounds fascinating. Could you point me towards who started it, what are the rules, the objectives and so on, please?

  6. I'm so impressed that you've been able to do the A-Z with two blogs! I've enjoyed it so much, even more than I expected to really, but I am ready for the month to be over as well.

  7. Julie, I'm glad I did it! Not sure about next year, however. Who knows what a year will bring?

    Ros, It was started by a blogger named Arlee Bird, and the objectives vary according to the individual. For some it's to get new followers, connect with new people, for others it is to concentrate focus on their posting. The rules are to post every day except Sunday through the month of April, going through the alphabet. And believe me, it is a challenge!!

    Old Kitty, I'm an all or nothing kind of gal :)

    Joe, Well said. That captures my feelings exactly.

  8. I agree. A few days in, I felt like I suddenly had to conform to a whole bunch of rule, like keeping the post short so people could do a "fly by reading." Sometimes I felt like saying just a little, but other days I felt like there was more I wanted to say. So I've just gone back to writing what I want to, the way I want. And the visitors who are interested in reading have been so supportive! I do feel proud that I managed to stay with the challenge all the way through, and it definitely made me get creative when I had not a clue what to write! Best of all has been meeting interesting people and great writers like you!

  9. Melissa, I just finished your V is for Verdict! That little series wasn't short and I loved it. Read every word. I think it's like I say in this post-- do it your way-- it's your blog, make your own rules!

  10. I almost lost it today because I forgot that I hadn't scheduled todays blog. I would have put in all this time and then quit at the end. Not good.

  11. Laughed when I saw the title of this post. I bet you are!!

  12. The A-Z challenge is a tough one to keep up. I admire your dedication. I agree that your blog should be your voice. Good point.


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