"Have you thought about writing your family history, but found yourself stuck from the start? Writing a family narrative can be a daunting task, but Karen Jones Gowen found a way to bring her mother's story to life." (Homespun Magazine)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lucille

Lucille Marker Jones, my mother, died early on New Year's Day of this year. I didn't think I would recover from the loss of this wonderful woman who has been such great influence on me and as essential to my life as breathing. January was awful. Things are better now but every so often I just have to say, "Mom, I still can't believe you are gone."


  1. Lovely pictures, both of them. :)

    Hang in there. The pain will ease with time.

  2. Oh, Karen, I am so sorry. I had a relationship like that with my mom-in-law, and it took over a year to kind of get used to her being gone. Grieving happens in its own time and in its own way.
    Sending you hugs,

  3. Karen, you are doing such a great job of keeping your mother's spirit alive. She will be with you forever.

  4. Colette, I am truly grateful that we were able to write her story 4 years ago. Farm Girl will always keep her spirit alive!

    Karen, Thank you, and how remarkable that you were so close to your mother in law. That is a rare gift.

    Linda G., Thank you Linda.

  5. A lovely tribute to your beautiful mum! take care

  6. You have the best photo's on this blog. I was just looking at my favorite photo of my grandma who is also gone. It is a picture filled with joy and happiness and one I plan on keeping in a place of honor forever.

  7. She'll continue to live through you and your siblings, in the things you make, do, believe in. It's love in our DNA.

  8. You never get over the loss of a mother. Take care.

  9. Your mum has a real twinkle in her eye. :) She is beautiful. I miss my nana immensely.


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