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Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for Nothing

Do you ever feel like "I got nothing." Drained, burned out, too tired to keep at it? I've been a maniac on social media this year. My writing/editing/publishing blog is almost to 800 followers, my Twitter account is over 1400, I have nearly 300 Facebook friends, most of them writers. Despite my hatred and avoidance of all things Facebook. Except for Mark Zuckerberg-- I like him. I am online daily blogging or commenting on blogs, Tweeting like a crazy person. And I wonder, Why? Why am I doing this again?

Mostly I've kept at it because it is fun. The second it stops being fun I'm in trouble. This week it stopped being fun. Maybe it's because I have other stuff on my mind and I see all the online activity as a "have to do" that interrupts my real life, or maybe I just got burned out with the A to Z Challenge. I'm not sure. Maybe I took on too much while trying to pack up a 4000 sq. foot house we have lived in for 13 years. Maybe I have an addiction that needs to be cured. Whatever.

Anyway, I have the rest of my posts scheduled on the KarenG blog for the month. I'm done looking at Twitter for awhile *ha, famous last words* No, I really really mean it. I'll keep posting here for the rest of the alphabet month because this is my quiet, no pressure blog. And if I got NOTHING here, no one seems to mind. I'm not chasing anything here so it doesn't drain my energy. Here I am just me being me. Not that I'm fake elsewhere, but you know what I mean.

Peace Out.


  1. This post struck a sympathetic chord.

    I don't Twitter or Facebook as much as you've been doing--or probably commenting on as many blogs. But I got where you are now when my daughter had her neck surgery and I bowed out of the A to Z. Too much. All this online "activity" (which is, after all, one dimensional, not really face to face) can become addictive and then "real" life suffers. And, I've realized the social media world will keep turning without me!

    A major house move like you've gone through is a double whammy. Take care of yourself. Rest. Relax. Do as much of social media that feels good to you. That my humble advice!

  2. Karen, I gave up on Twitter a awhile back and Facebook is mostly for friends. I'm just not promoting like I "should" be, maybe, but I'm more at peace. I wish you peace, my friend. Take a deep breath, perhaps a break, and what you need to do will emerge.

  3. I have taken a step back. I found I was not getting any writing done! No one seems to have noticed, and it is making my life a little easier. I only twitter once a week, FB daily on my author only account, and blog once or twice. I take my time reading others.
    Enjoy your breathing time.

  4. I don't have a facebook account or a Twitter account. I do enjoy blogging, writing and reading others post. To me it should be a fun and enjoyable. With all the social media, if it feels like a chore, then I think it is time to rest a bit.

  5. This is a nice blog to just chill out and relax and I'm so glad it's here! Take care

  6. OMG - I almost posted "N is for I GOT NOTHIN! I'm on jury duty this week - a very sad and big trial here in Santa Fe that continues into next week. The days are exhausting and I thought about just bagging this whole a to z thing, but then decided I could just post simple things from my yoga teaching - things that are spiritually uplifting. But it doesn't feel like "writing." Anyway, I know how you feel!

  7. Melissa, Yours is one of those that I am SO glad I found from the Challenge. Now I'm really curious about the big trial in Santa Fe, can't believe you're on jury duty and still blogging! And of course you can't talk about the trial either. Yoga sounds nice. and relaxing :)

    Old Kitty, I'm glad you are always here to encourage me!

    Choices and Glynis, There is so much social media, it's unbelievable. And writers feel like they have to be on all of it. It can get ridiculous.

    Karen, I think I've decided what to do already. I'll probably write a post about it on KarenG in May. As for this little blog? It's always here no matter what!

    Ann, It can get out of hand, no question about that. And when life takes precedence, like with a huge move as we are doing or your daughter's surgery as you are experiencing, one must just step back or go nuts. No way will I give up what I've built, but I can step back a bit, that's for sure!

  8. This is why I come to this blog - because it's quiet and lovely. A-Z is exhausting and my kids have just started school holidays for the next two weeks so I'm in a bit of a flap on how to keep up with the blogging. It's still fun though :)

  9. Yes, I agree that it can take quite a chunk of time out of your "real" life. I didn't realize the A-Z would be so, well, challenging!
    It's good to step back from it for awhile if you're feeling drained by it. I don't twitter, but I do fb and it can be seriously addicting if you're not careful. I find myself waking up in the morning wondering what's going on in fb land. I'm really trying to wean myself off of fb, but it's very difficult.
    Good luck with packing and moving! :)

  10. I'll probably post about the trial after it's all over - it touches a lot of chords that I think I'll need to write about! Thanks for the kind words. The challenge has actually been a good distraction, and allowed me to just post about some things I might not have!


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