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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Thirty Day Blogfests are Too Long

Okay, I know I'm a host of the A to Z Challenge and all, but that's really my other persona-- old KarenG over at Coming Down the Mountain. This Karen cannot believe it's another day and I have to write yet another post. What the---? Thank heavens tomorrow is Sunday, and we get a break, and the next week is the last week of this thirty day challenge. Whew!! April 30 is also our last day in our home of 13 years-- (hey thirteen, another T word!)-- which means the packing and sorting and moving is done. So I am really really really looking forward to April 30.


  1. Your post title cracked me up! Check out mine today - it's the 1st in a 3-part post series of T, U, and V, about the trial I was a juror on this month. Hopefully the suspenseful story will distract you! I am glad for new friends made from this challenge, but I'm with you- ready to be D is for Done!

  2. Thirty days really is too long.

    Hope you enjoy your new place. Actually, I love moving. Well, I used to love it. I just enjoy A New Beginning.

  3. Moving? Oh no! Always so much stress and expenses and...

  4. Oooh your moving day is so near!! Good luck!!!!

    Take care

  5. Old Kitty, Less than a week now. Gah!

    Rosaria, Yes, yes and yes...I am so eager for it to be done.

    Ann, I like the idea of new beginnings, which is why New Years Day is one of my favorite holidays. I truly am excited about this big change in our lives.

    Melissa, Headed there now!

  6. The A-Z has gone quite quick but it's exhausting. I can't remember the last time I had a decent sleep - too many letters floating round in my head. How exciting to be moving :)

  7. Niki, are you sure its the challenge keeping you up at night and not your baby LOL?

  8. hehe my baby is six years old! :) He and his sister went away for two nights with Nana and Granpop and I sobbed and sobbed. I really must cut those apronstrings :)

  9. Niki, Don't worry about the apron strings. They'll get cut before you are ready anyway *boo hoo*


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