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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for People Dead or Alive

A man said that there are no dead people. And I suppose that's true if one believes in life after death, which I do. When I wrote Farm Girl, I could feel my Grandmother Marker's presence and interest in this book. I was very aware of the presence of those who had gone before and whose stories were recorded there.

This is my favorite photo from Farm Girl, showing young Lucille on the fence around her family's farm. To me, it seems like she is looking back and forward at the same time. Back at all those who came before and sacrificed so their children could have a better life, and forward to those to come.


  1. That's a great pic of young Lucille!

    I always like to think that people I've loved who are now gone are here with me in spirit. Take care

  2. I believe in spirits. It's lovely to think someone is watching over you.

  3. I too believe those who have gone before us are watching over us. Great photo! Looking back and looking forward....I think she is at that.

  4. That's a wonderful picture. :)

    My dad died when I was just a kid, but even now I sometimes feel his presence. The times when he pops into my mind without apparent reason...well, I wonder it those are the times HE'S thinking about me as well.

  5. I totally see that in the photo. I have always believe that those we love don't go too far from us. I like the idea of our loved ones cheering us on as we go through life.

  6. Whenever we visited my grandparent's farm we slept in the attic and woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee.

    A week after my grandma died I woke up one morning to the smell of bacon and coffee, and suddenly I was a kid back in the farm house attic. I think my grandma was standing beside my bed saying hello.


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