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Thursday, April 7, 2011

ummm FRUIT, yum!

This post is inspired by an F is for Fruit post here. I wrote a long comment about fruit and decided to make it a post, it was so long! Yes I know, I need to be more brief when blogging.

I always loved fruit as a kid, what kid doesn't? My mom would portion it out like it was priceless jewels. Six grapes-- there you go, enjoy. Four blueberries-- that's all there is, make it last. I never got enough fruit! I always craved it, which might be why I ended up with such a sweet fix for candy of all kinds. Candy, the easy to get but bad for you fruit substitute.

Then I married my husband who was raised on a fruit orchard in the Santa Clara Valley. The week before we got married, I roamed through the orchards while he was at work gorging myself on fresh prunes (fyi they are called prunes not plums, he is very clear on that subject), fresh cherries and apricots and peaches right from the tree. I was in heaven. Fruit heaven. It's all I ate. Then we got married and went back to college and were on a strict budget. Back to the fruitless life of the poverty-stricken.

I remember an episode of Mad About You, where Helen Hunt has $10 squirreled away. Her husband asks what's that for, he needs the money for something important. She says, "No, it's for an emergency." He says, "But this is an emergency, why can't we use it?" And she says "It's for a fruit emergency." LOL, I could totally identify with that!!


  1. yum! Good fruit is such a treat!
    I know this is a little odd, but the one that I eat every day is bannanas...

  2. Hope you never have to have money stashed away for fruit emergencies.

  3. I didn't grow up eating fresh fruit, but now I can't live without it. Yummers.

  4. Lovely! And write what you want to write and don't worry about brevity.

  5. I loved Mad about You... It was one of my favourite tv shows... and I enjoy fruit... I like to put grapes in the freezer and eat them... they are really good that way... but my all time favorite fruit is a banana... I get cranky when I'm out of them, especially if it's morning.

  6. Yum fruit fresh off the tree. I loved strawberry picking when I was a kid. I ate more than what I put in the bucket so never made much money.


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