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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Blogs they are a changing

Weird things are happening in Blogger land. Like someone who hasn't had her blog very long said Blogger told her she had too many pictures on it. What??? And someone else who just started a new blog can't put up a Follower icon, only gadgets that let followers sign up with RSS feeds, email, or by Google + . I guess the Follower icon is now outdated, old-fashioned, done away with. Who knows how long before an old blog like mine just one day disappears?

They'll say "She has too many blogs anyway. Be gone!" And that'll be the end of that. When it happens, I hope you will come see me at my lovely website, karenjonesgowen.com.


  1. Hey, I just awarded you the Liebster Award on my blog.

  2. I have just set up a new wordpress blog because of blogger hitches, and will admit to enjoying the reader system of following blogs. Also, if I am rushed, I can still show the blogger I visited by clicking a like button, and my face sits at the bottom of the post. It takes away the guilty feeling of visiting but not leaving a comment. It gives me more hours in the day to write. I found it hard to set up at first but now am glad I made the change. I will slowly move away from blogger. I have tagged you over there, by the way, Karen.

    1. I really like your new site, Glynis! It's clean and uncluttered and really beautiful. I'm such a fan of Wordpress. I use my site more as a website than a blog, but it works well for both.


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