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Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for Industrious

Industrious is what I am not being today. Industrious would be cleaning the kitchen, returning library books a month overdue, going to get more boxes for packing, packing said boxes I don't yet have, getting a shower....

Instead I am Twittering, blogging, daydreaming, and in between my major social media activities, telling my son how to pack the books because seriously I just can't face that task. He is being very industrious today, which is good, because I'm not. Peace Out. Time to at least get the shower.


  1. Sometime you've just got to chill out. You can't work flat out all the time. I bet quite soon you'll get those boxes and the books will be packed and ready but not today.

  2. You're having a wonderful day :) Enjoy it.

  3. Oh, Karen, I feel for you. Moving can be so stressful. Take a breather, you'll get it done. Cheers!

  4. Enjoy your not so industrious day!! Take care

  5. It's spring. You shouldn't force yourself to work all the time in the spring. It is a gift. Take a little time off to enjoy it!

  6. Sometimes you just need a day to just take a breather and relax. It all gets done in time.
    Take care of yourself.

  7. Hi Karen .. I hear you - I was like that too -moving .. yugh .. still sorting! Mum's stuff now .. never mind - it gets easier .. I think!

    Look after yourself, relax and remember to breathe .. love that we might forget! Cheers Hilary


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