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Friday, September 24, 2010

A Lovely Day Involving Pie

Yesterday we picked 4 boxes of gala apples from our tree. They weren't quite ready but I got overzealous so there they are-- not as wonderful as they should have been but still nice, large, slightly tart apples. Of course everyone wanted pie. When they all want pie, it's fairly easy to get help in the kitchen. So my youngest son, a high school senior,  made the crust for two 9 in. apple pies while I cut up the apples.

He said:  Mom, remember last year when we had Pie Week?

I said: Yes, that was so nice. You learned how to make crust and every day after school we made a new kind of pie. Pie Week was fun.

(There was apple, peach, and something involving pudding and whipped cream I think, but I can't remember all the kinds of pie. I only remember how delightful it was that my teen-age son wanted to be in the kitchen with me making pie. That doesn't happen often. In fact, only then. And today.)

He said: I was telling my friend Megan about Pie Week and she said when they make pie at her home, she makes the crust while her mom does the filling, and when they're done they roll out the bits of dough and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top and bake it. I thought it was weird that we did the exact same thing.

I said: My mom used to do that too, but I didn't help her much with anything. She and I didn't cook together like we're doing now. Shall we have Pie Week again? We can make more pies than this. You can come home from school everyday this week, and we'll make pie again.

He said: No, let's just do this one. What did you do that was wild when you were young? Did you toilet paper anyone's house?

I said:  I never heard of that when I was a kid. But once a friend and I wrote nasty things about another friend on a bathroom wall. And I used to smoke straws. You light the end of a straw and smoke it.

He laughed.

Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon, and the apple pie was delicious.


  1. aww that is so precious when he gets older I bet he will get even sweeter and cherish these stolen pie moments with you.

  2. How do you smoke a straw? Doesn't it just melt? Then wouldn't you get plastic coating on your lungs? I am so traumatized by this revelation. How do you go from a wonderful day of pie to toxic straws? Please, bring back the Week of Pie and serve me a piece with vanilla ice cream. Ahhh, I have almost recovered....pie...ice cream...mmmmmm

  3. That was such a sweet time with your son, Karen! Must be sad but satisfying to watch the little ones grow up.

  4. I call those kinds of days "making memories," and I try to cherish them even as they're happening.

  5. Of course the pie was delicious! It was made by the bestest mum and son pie making combo!


    Take care

  6. More on straw smoking-- They were paper straws back then, with wax on them to make them stiff and water proof. The biggest danger was burning down the church. We smoked them in the church basement kitchen. That's where the big box of straws suitable for smoking was found. (My dad was the minister and we lived in the parsonage next door to the Methodist church where he served.)

    Kids, don't try this at home. Or at church.

  7. Karen, can you adopt me just for Pie Week?
    After books, pie has to be my favourite thing.
    Lovely story and love your straw smoking.

  8. I think I need to have Pie Week at my house. :o)

  9. What a special time with your son! How many senior guys would bake pie with their mom. Those memories will last both of you a lifetime.

    I like this other blog of yours!

  10. Julie, Thanks for visiting my quiet blog :)

    Myrna, I support Pie Week. Pie Week is awesome. If every home had a Pie Week once a year, we'd all be happier and war would cease.

    Brigid, I moved from smoking straws to the harder stuff but gave it all up in my 20's. And yes, please fly out to Utah for our next Pie Week! And bring your family!

  11. Does no one else feel sorry for the other friend?

  12. Ugh... the first time it didn't work and the second time I forgot to write: Miriam


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