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Friday, September 3, 2010

Shooting the TV

I want to shoot the TV like Elvis used to do. Good thing there are no guns in the house or that TV would be history. We haven't had cable for years. We were so happy with our old-fashioned antenna wires hooked through the attic, getting all the local channels. Plenty for us, since the major network channels provided what we like-- PBS, Law & Order, Criminal Minds and sometimes House. 24 Hours when it's on. When I'm by myself, I like to watch American Idol and America's Next Top Model. Those are our TV shows, and we watch erratically, not caring if we miss anything. No tivoing or anything like that. We are very 20th century TV watchers.

Then came the digital age, and we were forced to buy that little box if we wanted to continue watching our TV. So we took the $40 coupon and bought our digital box. It works half the time. Some channels don't even come in. And sometimes when we're in the middle of a show, it starts sizzling and blacking out.

It's like the old days, the Fifties--when you would have to go bang on the TV to get a good picture. Only I don't want to bang on it, I want to shoot it and put it out of its misery.


  1. Go ahead Karen, put one right between it's eyes!

  2. Oh I have the same problem with my stupid little digital box thing!! Grrrrrr!

    It's one of the most annoying thing IMPOSED on people - cos we didn't have a choice - either go digital or no telly. And I love my telly watching but now - now I'm lucky if I get to watch anything for longer than 10 minutes cos the pictures jumps or I lose signal. aaaaaaaaaaaaaRgh.!

    I'd shoot those who made me go digital! LOL!

    But what really gets me?!?!?! I have absolutely no problem, none whatsoever, pristine watching, signals ok - of all 5 shopping channels. :-(

    Take care

  3. I'm with you there. TV goes at its own manipulative pace, whereas books are our comrades and servants.

  4. We have the same problem with digital TV here in the UK. Infuriating isn't it.

  5. Rosalind & Kitty, So you're the same as us. I didn't realize it was the same in the UK. Kitty, you described my experience exactly except for the shopping channels. I never got any of those before. But I refuse to get cable just to watch stupid TV as it's nearly $100 a month.

    Mise, another concise, profound comment from you. Can I just sit at your feet and listen to you talk all day? "TV goes at its own manipulative pace, whereas books are our comrades and servants." Brilliant.

    Pat, Haha, I should. It would be so fun. Wonder if I can find bullets for that antique rifle my husband has next to his closet. Oh wait, I think it takes powder. Gunpowder. Yeah I really know a lot about guns.

  6. Jen and I don't have a TV anymore. We watch Netflix movies. We get the news on the Internet, and the weather. I don't miss it at all. It's peaceful and calm in our humble little duplex. That's how we "shot" our TV. How I sometimes long for the "good old days," the Forties and Fifties, which in my opinion really were good in so many ways.

    The BBQs have been great. I've met so many more wonderful writers. Thanks!!


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