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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day our Nation was Attacked


  1. It's a very sobering time indeed. I only hope the leaders of nations will resolve very complex problems with sensitivity, compassion and understanding - especially when ordinary peoples' lives and livelihoods are involved.

    Take care

  2. I remember for days..weeks...months while in downtown amongst the skyscrapers every time a plane flew over we all stared and held our breath.

    The place where I used to work had a large fountain in a gigantic courtyard behind the building. On the first anniversary of 9/11 there was a scheduled silent prayer of anyone who wanted to join in. We surrounded the fountain and held hands silently for a few minutes in remembrance. The following years no such event was scheduled, but it continued to take place.

  3. I lived in New York then. My sister and husband were in Manhattan that day, and I couldn't reach them for hours. The next day, I found out my coworker's husband, who was a firefighter, died in one of the towers. She was five-months pregnant. And a couple of days later, the stench from Ground Zero reached where we lived an hour away.

  4. Jerry, I'm always interested in hearing viewpoints of those who lived there and experienced it. I have a son who while visiting NYC walked by the area a year later. He said it felt like a very sacred place.

    Kitty, Here here, let's hope so. Never very likely but always hopeful. Now I'm going to be political, which I never do on my blogs, but altho I didn't vote for Obama, I'm glad he's our president because that made other countries hate us less. My son who lived in Africa for 2 years said the people there love Obama like a god, and his election softened their hearts toward the US.

    P.S. Someone must have gotten mad at me for this post, because today I lost a follower here and on my other blog.

  5. Theresa, Look we posted our comments at the exact same moment. You wrote only 4 lines in your comment but the emotion I feel as I read it is bringing it all back. What a tragic time that was in our history.

  6. I remember sitting in class, watching the news, and feeling both surreal and scared.

    ...but I do know that we cannot ignore the lessons of the past.

    I think you've put it perfectly.

  7. Karen, I remember with horror watching the gastly events of 9/11. At that time I was self employed and with my colleague. We were driving down a local street in my home town. A customer saw us and flagged us down, saying "Eddie, Bob, two planes have crashed into the twin towers in New York. Come inside and see it on my TV."
    We could not believe it was real when we saw the planes deliberately crash into the towers and later when they both collapsed we were aghast. I had to pinch myself to see if this was all real or a dreadful nightmare as we watched, open mouthed in disbelief. Then the Penagon was hit and we heard about flight 93 and those brave men trying to stop the suicide crash into the Whitehouse, knowing they would die but waiting until the plane was in open country to save lives before they took the hijackers on. What brave men and women.

    We wondered how any human being could actually do this to innocent people. We heard those responsible had been brain washed into thinking they would actually be rewarded in Heaven for doing this. I shudder to think what their actual reward might have been and what they experienced from their maker.

    I shall never forget this.


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