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Monday, September 20, 2010

Is This a Crush?

Conversation at dinner table:

18 year old son (high school senior): So this girl comes up to me at breakfast and says, 'Hey, can I have a drink of your juice?' And I say, 'Sure.' So she takes the cup and SHE DRINKS THE ENTIRE THING! I was so mad. So then her friend comes over and starts eating my cinnamon roll. Just picking away at it until it's GONE!

Me (highly knowledgeable mom and a girl with 3 sisters): She has a crush on you. They like you.

Son: No, they don't.

Me: Yes, they do. That's a girl's way of saying 'I want you to take care of me and feed me for the rest of my life.'

Son: No, it isn't. Just because they come up and annoy me and eat my food doesn't mean they want to marry me and live with me forever.

Me: Of course not. It's all subconscious. But yes, underneath that is what they're saying, although they don't realize it. Believe me, I know how girls think. One or both of them have a crush on you.

Son: (scoffingly) No, they don't.

What do you think, people? Is this a crush or not?


  1. Definitely a crush. The fastest way to get someone to notice you is by annoying the crap out of them, although your subconscious analysis was also fascinating.

    Loving Uncut Diamonds BTW.

  2. Oh, it's a crush. Trust me. If they didn't like him, they would think eating his food & drinking from his glass was gross. They are, in effect, saying "I want to put my lips where you put your lips." ;)

  3. Linda, Oh the lip analogy is right on. I'll tell him, it will convince him for sure. Clearly you too are a girl who hasn't forgotten what it's like!

    Christauna, Yep that's what we girls do to the men we love-- annoy the crap out of them.

    And you are reading Uncut Diamonds? And liking it? Thank you for letting me know!! I am actually reading it myself right now, as I have never read the published version. A year after its release, I finally get the nerve. My one thought is "My editor sure missed a lot of exclamation points." Even tho she had me take out tons, we still missed a bunch more that should have gone. And WiDo was new back then and didn't have any copy editors, so it was her and me. Now they have like 6 people review a book before publication. Mine could have used that many eyes for sure.

  4. LOL!!!! It's a funny way of showing you have a crush on a boy! LOL!! I ought to try that sometime!!

    Sorry 18 year old son - but mum knows best!

    take care

  5. I think it's a crush. But if taking food means they want him to take care of them for the rest of their life, what does it mean when boys chase after girls with water? That's what my son and his friend were doing to the girls at a 6th-grade barbecue last night.

  6. Its definitely a crush, poor boy, she has him in her sights.
    He could maybe order double portions for the time being, just so he doesn't starve!
    Lovely little piece, Karen.

  7. Brigid, He makes up for missed lunches by eating a half gallon ice cream when he gets home. Followed by a plate of nachos.

    Theresa, omigosh kids are so funny aren't they?

    Kitty, well, I wouldn't try it if I were you, because he sure didn't think it was funny!

  8. Definitely a crush.

    He's supposed to find it cute until after marriage, though.

  9. oh yeah crush and i bet they tried to eat it all sexy too which obviously passed over his head, I once learnt how to eat an apple the proper way so i could seduce a boy I liked. Apple eating lessons took longer than my crush.

  10. Joanna, That is so funny! I never thought of that, I'll have to ask him but I bet you are right. Apple eating lessons? LOL!

  11. NOpe.Gentz says it's just two girls taking advantage of a sweet boy! Guess we're outnumbered!


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