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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sometimes I miss our dogs

We had a Doberman named Lugosi and a Bassett Hound named Tara. Lugosi died first, just a few years ago, and Tara followed the next summer. I am truly surprised she waited that long. They were the same age, had grown up together and were as bonded as a brother and sister--the kind who never fight, who do everything together, laugh and get in trouble together and play jokes on other people.

Tara & Lugosi used to work together to destroy the back fence. He would pull on boards with his teeth, she would dig out dirt underneath with her big paws, to give him more biting room. They'd keep at it until there was broken boards and splinters all around, and a hole big enough for them to squeeze through. Then they would be free to run around the neighborhood. They never went too far. And they were always together.

Neighbors would see them and phone us, "Your dogs are out."  Lugosi looked scary. After all, he was a large Doberman with cropped ears and tail, at attention, ready to attack. But of course he never did. He just looked like that. Can a dog help the way he looks? Tara flopped around, following Lugosi everywhere. She somehow made him look cuter and more innocent, probably due to her Bassett hound cuteness.

Tara wasn't very bright. One time an upstairs window was open without a screen. Tara saw something go past on the front yard, probably a cat, and decided to chase it. By going through the window. My mom and I were in the living room and saw Tara fly through the air in front of our picture window, her big ears flapping. She fell on the grass, tumbled back up and went chasing after the cat.

Yes, sometimes I miss our dogs.


  1. What characters. Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it today. See you tonight at book club. :)

  2. Oh wonderful Tara flying out of the window like that!! LOL!! And Lugosi - on the outside looking mean but inside soft as a macaroon filling!! Lovely!

    take care

  3. Kitty, Yes that's the two of them in a nutshell!

    Christauna, I'll email you. I won't be able to make it :(

  4. That's a wonderful story. I had a sheltie some years ago. When my girls were little, he would go out the dog door at night and herd the cats home. I would love to have another.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. Awww. Nice post. I can see why you miss your dogs.

    I had a Tara, too--my Tara was an Irish Setter, and she wasn't too bright, either. Sweet, though. Super sweet.

  6. Ahh the crazy antics of pets :) I love all ours dearly (they are my furbabies!) and still like to pretend they'll live forever (and are pups and kittens, not big 7-8 yr olds..)


  7. I love dogs; Love the brotherly sister dynamic duo. I love how you described them... Any chance you can get a dog! Your soul wants one~

  8. Ellie, my husband would in a second but I'm holding out. It was a lot of trouble chasing those two all over the neighborhood and repairing the fence. Plus our gardens have flourished without Tara digging in with her big paws. Still, I always felt safe with Lugosi here at night. Sure he was sweet if he knew you, but if a stranger came to the house, he could be fierce.

    Nicole, Sounds like you have a lot of pets, and that they are all very well loved and cared for.

    Linda, haha, what is it about the name Tara? My daughter had a friend named Tara, too, and she wasn't very bright either.

    N.R., I've never owned a sheltie. So funny the way yours would follow his basic instincts and herd the cats home!


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