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Monday, September 27, 2010

Wasting Money is Stupid

I just got back from a sales meeting where a new guy talked about a company he worked for once that was on the verge of getting a huge contract. The boss said, "If this goes through, we'll all be sitting on the beach in Hawaii throwing hundred dollar bills in the air."

Of course, this image, which is meant to be a powerful motivator simply puzzles me. Why would you throw the money in the air?

Why not go shopping with it? There must be some fabulous restaurants in Hawaii where you could enjoy lobster, and all the amenities for that hundred dollars. Or go buy some great shoes, purses, and make up. Get a spa treatment.

Or is the idea that you have so much money that you can do all these things and still have enough to throw away?

If that's the case, then how about giving it to homeless people? Or better yet, find a nice catholic nun (aka Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost) and give those hundred dollar bills to her instead of throwing them in the air.

Is it possible to have so much money that ever wasting it like that makes any sense whatsoever?


  1. I agree. There are so many places where you can give away money and do so much good!!

  2. It really is a waste to throw good money away when there is so much good that can be done with it.

    A nice lobster dinner would be good too!!!

  3. I forget that I can't use "preview" without losing the comment. :) So, since I can't capture it again, I'll just say I won't be tossing any bills in the air unless they blow toward the needy. :) I'm like you--some of the examples used to motivate are really silly. :)

  4. Agreed. Waste is waste, no matter how much you have.

  5. Yes really Jess, I'm not one of those people who would be motivated by the idea of tossing money into the air!

    Linda, I guess I have a 1960's liberal mindset against conspicuous consumption.

    Ann, Now a nice lobster dinner would motivate me! It's been sooooo long since I had lobster.

  6. I wouldn't waste it...but if they are going to do that, let me be on the beach with a huge bucket to catch those bills for my own use. It's a writer's charity.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  7. I'm with N.R - gimme a bucket and let me at them! :)


  8. I think the likes of Paris Hilton etc where money is no objection would find sense in this act! LOL! I'm being horrid - she might be a lovely person really and probably gives tons of money to charities. Ahem.

    take care

  9. Throwing money away -- it's an interesting saying -- similar to "so much money you don't know what to do with it". Can you have too much money? Yes, I do think it's possible. And then there are folks like Mark Zuckerberg who announce huge donations to revamp Newark public schools on the day that a movie vilifying him comes out.

  10. Good idea Karen,
    How about living in a house without a mortgage? Or driving a car without car payments? Put some bucks in the Salvation Army Christmas Pot and then light your cigars with hundred dollar bills (if that's what turns you on) Ha


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