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Friday, September 3, 2010

Bringing in posts from my original blog-- Has anyone ever heard of Vox?

Vox is where I started blogging. I did a lot there until I discovered Blogger. Goodbye Vox. I visited now and then and wrote the occasional post. Now they are shutting down, and I'll lose my posts by Sept. 30. Since most of them were daily life type of stuff, I'm going to transfer a few of them to here. This one was when it was mid-summer, and dang I still miss summer!!

Today I watered the front lawn-- the dry spots--timing the sprinkler 30 minutes on each area. I know Utah is a desert, but I don't want to hear about growing native plants yadayadayada. I've eliminated over half the grass that was here when we first moved to this house, and what's left I like to keep green thank you very much. Which takes water, especially in July and August.

Meanwhile, while moving the sprinkler around all afternoon, I also did laundry and edited a manuscript. Heated up some lasagna from the freezer for the fam, and went back to sitting, watering and editing. Under the ceiling fan in the living room, of course, which is the only tolerable spot in our house from about noon to 9 p.m. 

Tomorrow is a family party so I just finished making a HUGE batch of caramel corn. Why don't I learn to be conservative in my food prep? Because I'm a creative cook and add a little of this, and more of that, and try this, and oh yes two cans of evaporated milk how will that be? It's not getting to soft ball stage, I need to add the rest of that bag of brown sugar. Until I have a huge pan of caramel. Better make more popcorn, I don't like it too sweet. And four giant pans later I sit down under the fan again to write about what I did. 

If I did photos, I'd take pictures to show you. But I like to draw pictures with words. It's good practice for my writing skills. Not that you folks get much in the way of my writing skills on this blog. I pretty much just blather away about whatever's on my mind.

Haha, nothing's changed there. I still use my blog to blather about whatever's on my mind.Only now I do it here instead of on Vox.


  1. Caramel corn. Before I read on I thought corn as in corn on the cob and I was thinking - well THAT'S novel!! corn on the cob with caramel. Wow.

    Then I realised it was popcorn!! LOL! You are so right about painting images with words!!!

    It sounds yummy!

    I've not heard of Vox but I hope it springs up in some other form - these things tend to evolve into other things. It sounds very techie to me. I much prefer your caramel corn. :-)

    Take care

  2. Ooh, I love this blog. I'll follow you here too. Karen, you have ten kids? Wow and double wow! Really, truly, one wears me out. He's awfully high-maintance. You must be an extraordinary mom.

  3. Hey Karen,
    I've been out and about a lot lately, but I'm almost done with your book! book report coming!

  4. Kitty, corn on the cob dripping in caramel mmmm that might work LOL I'll have to try it. Never mind, I like mine dripping in butter. In fact I had some last night and it was deliciously fresh, tender and buttery *slurp*

    Shellie, You found my hideout, glad you like it :)

    Pat, Book report? Cool!

  5. Hello there. Found you cause you found me from the BBQ blog. I'll be finding even more friends. Now I'm following you too.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  6. mmmmm caramel corn, I don't think I've had it but anything with caramel's got to be good *grin* I popped over from Karen's BBQ, nice to meet you :)


  7. Nancy and Nicole, welcome to my quiet blog :) I hope you visit again soon.


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