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Monday, September 6, 2010

Stupid Things I attach Value to

Things I attach value to that have gotten out of control:

Plastic bags of all sizes (Yes, I know! What idiot saves these? And I wasn't alive during the Great Depression either.)

Purses and canvas bags (What is it with my obsession with having stuff to carry stuff?!)

Empty water bottles (I like to refill them and drink water out of bottles instead of glasses. Go figure.)

Oh, wait that's not all-- empty soda bottles of a certain shape, for use as water bottles (Is it because I live in the desert?)

Paper, any and all kinds, including the sheets that still have one good side ( I could write a novel a year until I die and still not use all this paper!)

Gallon size Ziploc bags (these at least make sense. Rinsed out & dried they're quite reusable, but not if they had meat. Then I throw them out.)

Books. (You've heard of cat ladies? I'm the book lady. Every room in my house has a stack somewhere. The least I could do is put them away, right?)

DVD's. (Stupid to buy them since I only watch most movies once or twice.)

I could go on, but these are the worst offenders. I'm not a saver. Actually, I do quite well at decluttering and tossing or giving away, but this list is my toughest challenge. What's on your stupid save list?


  1. Erm.. magazines especially fashion ones - stacks of em!

    Books and dvds AND vhs videos. LOL!

    Pens. Even ones that don't work. Include odds and sods of stationery - paper clips, elastic bands - some completely unusable.



    take care

  2. Well, one thing I'm going to be saving for sure, is my copy of Farm Girl. I finished it last night Karen. I loved it! Everything I did today, I imagined how Lucille Marker's family would have accomplished the same task. The hardships they had to endure and the incredible genius they used to solve problems and create things that we take for granted, was just amazing.
    Well done!!!

  3. Kitty, I used to keep magazines too. I had stacks of them. I finally gave them away last year. Mostly it was home improvement & decorating magazines. And you can always use a good button jar.

    Pat, Thank you for letting me know how much you liked Farm Girl!


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