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Monday, September 13, 2010

Here's a good idea-- take the kids to see a film about the end of the world

One night awhile back my husband and I went to see the film 2012. And behind us was a family complete with soda cans rolling around the floor, who knows what other snacks they brought into the theater in mom's big purse, and a couple young kids. Just a fun, family outing to see Hollywood's version of what happens when the earth's core heats up and destroys the world.

This is a pretty good movie, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But not what you'd want children to see. Aren't kids prone to nightmares anyway, without help from the latest Hollywood disaster film?

So how about it folks. Take your little ones to see a film where California is completely destroyed in about 5 minutes of awesome computer graphics. No, that won't give them nightmares. How about where a dad tries to rescue his two boys and dies in the attempt with the boys watching and screaming? Sure, why not! It's all fake after all. The kids know that, right?


  1. just another example of how stupid earthlings are...

  2. I've made some bad parenting choices, but this seems like a bone-headed idea. There seem to be two options: 1) The children are tormented by high-budget horror special effects; or 2) The children find nothing in the least bit troubling in the notion that a handful of well-connected people are deemed worthy of saving while everyone else perishes. Either the parents are being cruel to their children or they are teaching their children to be cruel.

  3. Oh, man, don't get me started on parents with no sense about media. *grrrr* (and it's not just us - CSM rates 2012 at 13+)

  4. Nasty...which brings to mind a memory. When I was about four, my mother took me and my siblings to Fantasia, Disney if you don't remember. I had nightmares for years about terrible bugs, digging long fingernails into my back. This was a child's comprehension of the judgment scene from Fantasia.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  5. Ugh. This drives me nuts, too. Parents, just pay a babysitter already. Or wait until it's out on DVD. It doesn't take that long.

  6. Linda, yeah and then rent a Disney movie for the kids while you watch the gritty stuff.

    N.R., That's just my point! Kids can get scared over the most inocuous things. I remember having nightmares after watching Bambi's mother die. Not to mention the fire.

    Susan, ok I won't, but looks like I already did LOL. Really folks, let's be parents ok?

    Blythe, Oo such a good point. Either way it's a lose lose situation.

    Pat, LOL!

  7. The parents of these kids are probably so desensitised to horrors depicted in film/tv that they see nothing wrong with taking the kids along - which is sort of scary in itself really. Poor kids.

    Take care


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