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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Review: "True Miracles with Genealogy, Help from Beyond the Veil"

My husband was reading this little book and kept saying, "Oh, listen to this chapter." And this is how I "read" the book, True Miracles with Genealogy, Help from Beyond the Veil.

We all know what genealogy is, we know what miracles are, let me define the term "beyond the veil." It means beyond this life--in the spirit world, where souls dwell who pass on. Author Anne Bradshaw has compiled true stories from people who searched for the records of their ancestors, and found them with otherworldly help from those on the other side who wanted to be found.

From the book:

"Sometimes we forget how close Heaven is to Earth--- just a whisper away--"

From the back cover blurb:

"Personal story after story rivets your attention. This book is a powerhouse of inspiration, an absolute must-read to keep on your nightstand."

It certainly was in my husband's case. Every night he looked forward to reading another chapter, and I looked forward to having him interrupt whatever book I was reading to share it with me. Anyone interested in genealogy, or in life after death, will want to read this book!

And I'm not giving you the link to buy it online, because it's one that will be for sale on the new website for authors celerytree.com. So if you are interested in an astounding book about how those who have passed on can communicate with us here, then put it on your list to buy at Celery Tree, not from Amazon.


  1. People have had the most amazing experiences in this regard! I've heard many such stories from friends and family. I'll keep this book in mind!

  2. I read this book on my Kindle a couple months ago and really enjoyed it!

  3. its nice you get a book read to you.

  4. This sounds like a very lovely spiritual read! Thanks for the info! Take care

  5. Oooh, sounds fascinating! Must add it to my TBR pile.

  6. Thanks for the mention, I think I'd like to read this.


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