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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ninety years ago, before texting and Twitter...

Today my mom would have turned 94. Here is a postcard that was sent to her on the occasion of her third birthday. Which makes this postcard over 90 years old! It was sent from her Aunt Elizabeth, who lived in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In case you can't see the inscription on the front, it says,

A Happy Birthday

Dance and play the livelong day
And startle the air with a song.
And keep just as happy as you can
Till the next one comes along.

 And on the back is a message written in pencil!!  Here is what it says:

Right, I don't really expect you to be able to read this. So I'll transcribe it for you. It's addressed to Lucille Marker, Inavale, Nebr. c/o J. Marker (her dad John Marker). The message says,

My Dear Girlie--

I believe a little girl is three years old now. Do you miss Aunt Bernice, it is nice for me to have her in Lincoln. Hope Mama bakes "her little girl" a cake if she is a good girl.

Auntie Elizabeth

What a delightful message from the past to discover on my mother's birthday!


  1. HOw poignant, Karen. The grieving process will continue for awhile, my friend. It gets less intense as time goes on, but there will always be moments when you realize someone's gone. Or a way of life has changed. My thoughts are with you...

  2. I love it. It's cool to see some of the most fun memories creep back into your life when they're needed the most. I'm glad to see that this card is still around, what a lovely memory :)

  3. Aw, what a sweet keepsake. I love "startle the air with a song" -- wish I'd thought of that.

  4. oh, that's so sweet....glad you got that card..there were so many cards mother had saved....a tender mercy for you karen

  5. Wow. That is so adorable. YOu must cherish it!

  6. How cool is this. Mother would be pleased

  7. Awww wow. That's lovely and so precious!!!! Thanks for sharing, take care

  8. Hi Karen .. I think it's wonderful you still have those memories and records - her high school graduation photo to the right looks gorgeous .. so much ahead for her .. and she lived a fulfilling life too. Happy memory day - with many thoughts .. Hilary

  9. That's lovely! I'm always fascinated by old postcards and letters, and when they're in the family it's doubly exciting.

  10. This is why you should write letters and cards...and save them.

    (((hugs))) Karen, I'm sure today has been a bit of a struggle.


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