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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Moving Day: April 30

So we have lived in this house for the past 13 years, and in this very same neighborhood for 20. Our youngest three boys grew up here. Now they and their friends have all moved on, and they are fine with the move. #8 son just got back from the Marines and is preparing for a two-year mission. #7 son just proposed today to his girlfriend and is planning on an August wedding. #6 son got married last year and is graduating college next month. Those are our youngest sons, I won't take up the whole post telling you what all the rest are doing. But these are the boys who grew up here and I'm rather nostalgic about the idea of leaving this home even if they aren't.

I'm also realistic about the huge amount of STUFF we have accumulated, and I do not want to take it to a new house! So every day I sort and pack, sort and pack, throw out, give away, sort and pack. Think I can be done by moving day? Think I am getting stressed about it? Yes, very!

So after packing 3 huge boxes of kitchen stuff that didn't even seem to make a dent in my kitchen cabinet space, I deserve a break. I'm going to bed to read the L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton. G'night, all!


  1. Hi Karen .. I hate to say it .. get on with it - I didn't finish mine and now still have to do that finishing off .. it's a pain!

    Enjoy your bedtime read .. but do another few boxes too .. tough love coming from over the pond .. mind you with 10 sons .. there should be lots of help?! Cheers and I'm thinking of you .. ?! Hilary

  2. I hope you had a restful evening!! You deserve it after such a day of packing and more packing! Enjoy your book! Take care

  3. Old Kitty, I surely did enjoy the book! Sue Grafton is my new favorite writer!

    Hilary, I sure do need the encouragement! One of my sons told me the same thing. He has helped a lot of people move, he said, and so many of them have stuff unpacked on moving day and then the volunteers are standing around with nothing to do so they just start packing the boxes on their own. I don't want that to be my situation! I know I have 4 weeks and it will go so fast!

  4. I love giving - throwing away - donating stuff... Life is much more simple without all the clutter.

  5. So true Austin, and I'm on a roll now.

  6. Now, that is a job and a half. Makes me tire to even think about going through my kids' stuff in the basement. But I know you'll feel great when you get through! :)

  7. Dare I admit that the last time I moved we just gathered everything up in bedsheets and shoved them in the truck? I never wanted to do that, but I have too many excused for not packing. When my husband is in charge, it is bedsheets. But I suppose that it did work.

  8. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog (Alzheimer's Sucks). I sympathize about your dad - mine had a stroke too, body crippled but mind sharp. It was a gift to still be able to talk with him. I've signed up to follow your blog.Melissa


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