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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sometimes Junk is not only Stuff

I posted about toxic people on my other blog, and unfortunately this kind of people can be part of the junk in one's life. Getting rid of  stuff in my environment motivates me to get rid of other useless things-- like those 50 extra pounds-- ugly clothes that have taken residence in my closet-- toxic relationships whether in business or personal life (I fortunately only have one of these now bothering me and it's in business not my personal life, soon to be discarded).

I now find myself looking around wondering what else I can get rid of?  Don't worry my darling husband, even tho I'm looking right at you, I'm not considering getting rid of you EVER. But all that stuff cluttering your side of the closet? *shudder* Soon to be history. And I know you'll never miss it.


  1. LOL!! I just can imagine the look on hubby's face as you declutter his side of the closet! Good luck!!!!

    Take care

  2. I have a hard enough time on my own side of the closet! And my dear husband won't let me come near his side...even though most of the shirts haven't seen the light of day for the past five years. I'd sneak them out and take them to Crosslines but they might rot and fall to pieces if they were ever to actually be worn!

  3. Betty, I have to be very sneaky. Good thing he rarely reads this blog LOL.

    Old Kitty, And then there's the office closet... bwa ha ha.

  4. Lol -- I have visions of putting a big dumpster in my driveway and throwing away all of husbands old t-shirts (now 3 sizes too small) and textbooks that are forty years old and out of date...

  5. I've given up trying to get my hubby to get rid of anything. He still had clothes from high school (and he's 59) hanging in our upstairs closet. We finally got rid of those, thank goodness. Me, I am not a hoarder, I probably get rid of too many things too fast, and then I'm sorry. Good luck, Karen.

  6. Omgosh I'm apparently not alone in being married to a hoarder! Clothes from high school? This is really funny. Maybe I'll tell my husband to read this post after all, it will make him feel good not bad LOL.


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