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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Confused Blog or is it Eclectic?

Truthfully, I really have no clue what I'm doing here. As I'm on my streamlining binge, I wonder if I should streamline blogs and forget about this confused little blog over here. It's a mishmash of everything-- recipes, wedding pictures, weather reports, snippets of letters old and new-- yet when I started it, I intended it to have a 'writing your history' theme. Instead it has become a 'Karen writes about her day' theme.

 I really believe a blog should have a platform, no matter how loose or widespread. It needs some theme to unify it, so that people know what to expect when they stop by.  But where this blog is concerned, I'm a total hypocrite, not practicing what I preach. I've tried establishing a sort of platform, then I forget about it and post something about my neighbor's cat or whatever.

In fact there are people who don't know I am KarenG of Coming Down the Mountain. I've heard that more than once: 'I didn't even know you were the same person!' LOL. So I'm either bipolar or as I said, just really confused about what I'm doing over here at this blog! Ok, so I guess I'll think about it and get back to you.

Meanwhile, for those who have been kind enough to follow me here for awhile, what kind of posts have you enjoyed the most? If you don't mind my asking.


  1. I think having a mish-mash blog is ok (especially since you have a wonderful writing blog too)

    The great part about mish-mash is it makes you real... and some people like to buy books from people they feel like they know... so I think it's smart.

    Plus, it's healthy to write about your day - it's so easy to get bogged down in the serious stuff, there are benefits to having a little fun too.

  2. I love the mixture of this blog. I love the platform of CDM. They both serve to amuse and educate me.

  3. Austin and Ann, What great comments! Thank you, now I don't feel so bad about it. I'll just keep on doing what I do then. I appreciate your input :)

  4. I love a good eclectic blog. It's like a grab bag -- you never know for sure what you're going to get, but you know it'll be entertaining. :)

  5. I love the mixture too - but as someone who tracks the genealogy blogging community, it is a natural progression to want to start new blogs on certain topics. Don't do this to please your readers - do this to please yourself.

  6. I love this blog!!!!!! I can;t pick the blogposts I like here cos I enjoyed reading them all!! So I hope you keep this going! It truly is an oasis from all the hectic side of blogging! Take care

  7. I have to agree with Thomas that the most important answer to the question you've asked is your own. That's what gives a blog its voice.

    I have the opposite problem. Not enough time to streamline and manage multiple blogs. I embrace my mish-mash!

  8. I started with another blog but since I knew so little about them I began a second one and so the first one just sits there doing nothing. Same way with the website. Ugh. "Regular" people know what to do...I DON'T. Good luck. I'll watch yours and maybe follow suit. Ha.

  9. Karen, as you know I follow both blogs. I have to say that I rarely distinguish between between the two. I don't go to one looking for A and the other looking for B. To me, they are Karen's blogs. I find the voice, the topics, the discussion, to be very similar.

  10. Colette, Well right on, there you go then, I'm not bipolar!

    Betty, I went to your blog and followed from my other url. I didnt' have time to leave a comment but I'll visit again. I don't have a website because I don't see the point with two blogs. People can find out anything *too much* about me from my blogs why bother with a website?

    Amy, I'm thinking that one of these days I'll consolidate but so far have not done it. One day I'll wake up and just know it's time.

    Old Kitty, Thank you! Guess I'll carry on then!

    Thomas, Well I think I'm done starting new blogs. Each one has a specific purpose, this is the one that doesn't really.... Well, it did when I started but now it has drifted away.

    Linda, Like yours! Very eclectic, grab-baggy and fun!

  11. I get bored with the same subjects over and over. The variety is good. Think of it as a series of essays...something like Life: Big Things and Little.

  12. What? You're the same person? Wow! Too funny!
    Make it easy on yourself do what you like!


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