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Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Bad Hair Decade

Have you ever looked at old pictures and gaped at the hair? What was I thinking??? As I've been sorting through family photos I've run across a few of those. Like my hair in the '80's? Yikes, that's all I can say. I've always worn my hair long and straight-ish for a reason. Short and fluffy is just not me. It makes me look ridiculous. Yet for some inexplicable reason I went with the short, fluffy permed hair for most of the 1980's. Does anyone remember why the put your finger in a socket look was supposedly attractive? 

Well, that finally grew out and then for some reason a decade later I decided I was getting too old for my straight, long-ish  hair and got it cut short. Really, really short. And then highlighted. Really, really highlighted. It came out yellow. So there I was dealing with a mid-life crisis with super short, yellow hair. Call that hideous.

And no I am not posting pictures.


  1. Yes I can totally relate to the hideous hair styles of the 80's. The permed look was awful!

    Also - remember the hideous glasses? The ones that practicaly covered your whole face? They were like goggles!

    Thanks for sharing. You are funny.

  2. Oh yes, lots of hair stories.

  3. No pics?!!? Awww go on!! My worst hair do was a perm when I was at university and the silly hairdresser insisted I looked ok. I cried for a whole month! Never again! Take care

  4. ....and a few months ago I was viewing a picture of myself in a Leisure Suit! Bust just as astonishing, I had hair!

  5. LOL! Aw, come on. Share the pics. ;)

    I think that short, fluffy style was meant to be "easy care."

  6. Uh, bad hair stories! Yep, I can totally relate. I always use to have long thick curly hair that drove me crazy and for the past year I have been rocking a very short pixie cut and I love it. My hair is thin and straight as long as it is short. May I add that my bad hair days are finally over. Thank goodness!

    Thank you very much for following my blog and it is a pleasure meeting you as well. You have a great concept for your blog and for writing. And I love good food too.

  7. I managed to avoid the worst of the eighties look because I had a buzz cut then. I gooped it to make it at all fluffy. I needed a little fluff or people would notice what a freakishly tiny head I have. Now I'm going bald. So I have a tiny head and a huge face. Great!

  8. The bad hair decade for me is NOW!


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