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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seeking the Perfect Purse

I see it in the store. It looks AT LAST as though I have FOUND the perfect purse. Not too big, not too small, pleasing shape and design, trendy color, pockets and zippers enough to hold all my pursely possessions. I must have it!!

But I don't need another purse, do I? I already have so many good ones. Ah, but they are not perfect. There is indeed something wrong with each and every one of them. See above list. This new one will most certainly be perfect. It looks, smells, feels so wonderful. A brand, new wonderful purse! I must have it! However, being the disciplined, frugal person I am, I don't buy it. I leave the store and go home, resisting temptation. What do I need a new purse for? Pshaw! Silly me!

Although I do keep thinking about it....and thinking....and thinking. In fact, I cannot forget about it. How could I have left behind the perfect purse? What a fool I am!

I look at my other bags which all pale in comparison and look like garbage. The only thing to do is go back and buy the perfect one before someone else gets to it first. That's it. I must go back to the store, and I must hurry before my prized possession gets away. Because after all, since it is perfect I will never again need to buy another one. So really it's a huge savings to spend the money right now, that way I won't have to spend it later. This is the only sensible course of action.

I rush back to the store and there it is! Yes, it is perfect! I was not mistaken, I shall buy it. So I do. And I get it home, with my things tucked inside, everything at home inside the fresh, new promising environment. Now at last I will be organized. I and all my outfits will look amazing and fashionable with this marvelous accessory. Aha, the perfect purse!

Except. . .  the next time I am in the store, I see tables full of quite lovely purses, each one better than the one I just recently bought.  But I look away. I am committed now. This one will have to do. At least until my birthday comes around again. Or Christmas. Or there is a once-in-a-lifetime clearance sale. Or I run across the most perfect purse ever.


  1. Haha! That's brilliant. I know exactly what you mean. I've just bought a new bag. It's soft leather with lots of pockets and sections and I loved it... until I saw my friend's new bag. We're never satisfied, are we!

  2. One can never have too many purses.

    That is my motto and by golly I stick by that! LOL!!

    Enjoy your purse and your future ones too! :-) Take care

  3. I smiled when saw this title. I do the same thing. Each purse I buy has something I like better than the last, but never everything I like. Sigh. I agree. We're never satisfied!

    I wasn't, and so today, with the help of a woman I hired (which didn't cost much because I'm keeping it simple) I set up the WordPress blog that I'm going to use more and more. I'll still do Blogger but will write short posts. I'll do longer, more "serious" ones on the WP. Like you, I'll manage two blogs, but one will be WP. And this will be insurance should Blogger get too many glitches. I'm just making sure I know where my Blogger buddies are (that is, I'm getting their information down in writing), the ones I follow regularly and vice versa. I'd love to have you take a look: http://anncarbinebest.com

  4. That was funny, funny, funny! I think you're watching me from behind the racks. Actually, I fluctuate between a small purse one time and a large one the next time. For awhile I can't get enough in it. Then the next one is so heavy I'm putting my shoulder out of joint. Maybe I should go for a backpack next time.(But it wouldn't be nearly so attractive!)

  5. Betty, I think we are watching each other! This one is now small and tidy because the last few have been huge floppy boats.

    Ann, Your new site looks great! And is it even possible to get the purse that has everything? My sister has one I covet, that appears to have everything, but it is a $300 designer bag. And it's brown. I get tired of brown.

    Old Kitty, Yes why worry about getting too many, right? At least I'm exchanging purses in my search for perfection and not husbands.

    Rosalind, Got a photo? That does sound like a wonderful bag, I want one!

  6. I KNOW! The problem with me and purses, is I can never find one I would be happy with (with-in my price range). This is usually when I have gotten to the "this-is-no-longer-a-silent-want-but-a-desperate-need!!" point.

    Because of this, my relationship with purses has taught me patience.

  7. Purses and shoes! You girls and your purses and shoes...


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