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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Walk into Heaven

Yesterday it was 78 and sunny. I thumbed my nose at broken Blogger and messed up internet at the new house and went for a long walk. There's a lake about 15 min. from my house so I headed there to explore what paths would take me where. I avoided the areas closest to the road and parking areas-- too much noise and activity-- and headed to the other side of the lake, which seemed almost like a wilderness area.

It was so still and empty of activity. I only passed two other walkers in an hour, but enjoyed the company of a couple of geese far out on the water. They came soaring in with their long necks and wide wing span, and in tandem they slid and skated along the water surface, barely making a ripple. Geese are annoying up close, especially if they've decided they own the area, but from a distance they are enchanting.

Up ahead, I saw a bench in the shade, just waiting for me. I sat and looked out over the lake and the mountains beyond. It was peaceful, solitary and beautiful. I felt like I was in heaven. Of course I wouldn't always want to be alone, either in this life or the next, but at that moment it was exactly what my heart craved. Solace. Beauty. Solitude.


  1. Sounds lovely. We all need those moments.


  2. Stolen moments are the best. Lake, birds, peace. Now back to hustle and bustle.

  3. Jane, I'll try for it again today but not sure the same magic will be there.

    Tracy Jo, It's like a gift when those moments come right when you need them!

  4. Hi Karen .. blogger lost your comment .. frustrating .. I hope it's not starting again! I've acknowledged it on my blog .. and copied your comment.

    Anyway enough of that .. hope the move has gone quietly .. relatively and enjoy the new home - sounds lovely having that walk nearby ..

    Cheers - Hilary

  5. That was lovely. Funny how we seem to forget when we are all wrapped up in this n that, how calming and healing nature is. And spending a few minutes alone...heaven.


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