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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Motivates You?

This might seem like an easy question but it's not really. Because I have no idea half the time why I do what I do. Does anyone?

Like, what motivates me to sulk instead of speak? What on earth does sulking accomplish? Yet there I go, sulking again instead of communicating in a proper way.

What motivates a woman toward health and fitness? And another towards a lifetime of sedentary behavior while overdosing on candy and potato chips?

What makes someone a workaholic and someone else a call-in-sick-whenever-possible kind of guy?

Why do some people like cats and others prefer dogs?

Why does one man love going to church and another avoid it like the plague?

My mom used to say that I would stare at people and analyze them endlessly. (Like there's something wrong with that?) What is more fascinating in this whole wide world than people?


  1. There's a whole self-help aisle determined on answering your questions. But i've found that tricks to motivate and psychology to analyze don't make us do or don't do anything. Just like how-to books can help my writing only so much.

    Our diversity makes us interesting. We have different world views, and different things motivate us.

    You sound like a contemplative writer today.

    P.S. I'm a cat person.

  2. You know I think that's why I'd love to study archaeology one day! I like digging up and getting all the bits and pieces, laying them out and then constructing what these pieces used to be. I guess it's like people. All individuals have depth and digging deep to find that depth takes effort and time but the end result will always be surprising! :-) Take care

  3. There's nothing wrong with a good sulk every now and then but you're right. I don't understand what drives certain people further than others. It's all part of our spirit I suppose and if we could understand that we'd know the answer to everything.

  4. haha yay it is nice to meet someone who likes staring at people as well! I don't like talking to them but I love watching them. Fascinating creatures! I used to be a doggy person but now for some reason I'm a pussycat. Sometimes I think it is better to go off and sulk than to stay put and say things you might later regret. Neat post! :)

  5. Rosalind's right. Sometimes you need to let yourself be in a bit of a funk. So long as it doesn't become your default state, that's okay. It's good to let all the rubbish feelings pass and sometimes you just won't be productive until that's done.

    As to what motivates me? I ask myself a question: What is it I want? Then I ask myself another question: What am I doing right now to get that?

  6. I found those questions to be quite thought provoking. It makes me think of myself: Who and what I am in this new phase of life. Hm.....

    Three words come to mind: priorities, attitude, and perspective.


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