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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Figuring out the Blogs (Again, sigh)

So I'm involved with a lot of stuff right now. Two start-ups-- the cookie business and the website for authors-- plus I'm doing more with WiDo Publishing. I have a couple of editing projects, my own novel to revise by the end of the year, and now they have asked me to help them get more of a presence on social media. One of the editors does Twitter but isn't a fan. WiDo doesn't have a blog. There's a Facebook account which thankfully I will not work on (can't stand fb, but that's just me).

I'm thinking maybe after the holidays I will morph my writing/editing blog into one for WiDo Publishing, thus doing their blog while still keeping my own voice. And this quiet blog will become my new "author blog," since it's all about me anyway LOL. I like having an author blog, but right now I have two of them, really is that necessary? That way I can blog for WiDo, and blog here, and still keep it down to two.

What do you think? Does that make sense?


  1. It makes sense to me! Especially so, if you can "morph" the blog.

  2. I think go for it!!! Author blog plus WiDo/ blog sounds good to me!! Take care and good luck!

    p.s. cookie business?!?!?


  3. Pat, not sure if I can morph the blogs... if I go to blogspot and add a new blog as WiDo Publishing, I'm afraid I'll lose my own along with all my followers. This one I started with a different email and all. I'll have to experiment I guess...

    Old Kitty, yes, did you miss that post? Where I talked about my husband's business and us starting Karen's Cookies back up? Then I gave away a dozen cookies to celebrate 500 followers. JE Fritz won them.

    Linda G, I suppose it will be a matter of those following me over there either coming here and/or continuing on with the WiDo publishing blog, I don't know. So it would be the end of Coming Down the Mountain-- yikes! Having an anxiety attack.

  4. As you are going to be very busy, it would be easier perhaps to have one author blog. But, you can't pension off the giraffe....:-)

  5. this is a nice quandry to be in. I don't envy you at all that said i've got ur back. I learn a lot from you as a writer, mom, and an editor.

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  7. It seems like there is always a never-ending list of things to do, doesn't it? I think what matters is what makes sense to you -- and what you can manage without going batty!

  8. I have absolute faith that you will figure out how to manage all of that, Karen. It's a full plate and a lot of time and energy having to go in several different directions. Take some time to breathe and the answers will emerge.


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