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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Great Follower Chase and other Anxiety-inducing Behaviors

I decided when I began this blog that I wouldn't get caught up in the follower chase, the countdown for more and more followers. We writers seem obsessed with adding and counting followers and commenters, probably because we need readers to feel complete.

My daughter did both a writer and yoga blog for awhile, and she noticed that the yoga bloggers don't have follower icons on their blogs. Apparently, they don't care how many followers they have.

Maybe we writers should be doing more yoga, and calming ourselves down. Not worrying so much about followers, commenters, agents and query letters (omigosh does that subject ever get us into a tailspin of anxiety), marketing (my current focus and cause of frequent panic attacks), time to write (Who has time to do anything? Something's got to give. If it's important to us, we'll do it, otherwise we won't), and the be-all and end-all --- GETTING PUBLISHED!

Man, we are a stressed-out bunch of people. That's what I've learned from following writer blogs. And I used to think it was just me! Just knowing I'm not the only one helps to calm me down. And coming to this blog instead of hyperactive follower-obsessed other blog. There may come a time when I slow down on that one and just hang out here.

Now, if you'll forgive me for asking a personal, self-absorbed question to the faithful few who follow this blog: Which one of my blogs do you prefer? This one or Coming Down the Mountain?


  1. I've been remiss to check this one so I'm going to have to become a follower. (Even though you're not counting. Wink.)

    It's not our fault we count followers. we can't exactly have a platform with 3, can we? And those in the know keep pounding it in our heads.

  2. Too true! "Get the platform. Have an online presence. Get a stronger platform and stronger online presence." And don't forget to write, query, submit, attend conferences and all the rest! Thanks for following btw :)

  3. Itry very hard not to get caught up in the follower count insanity, but it's hard. I can't control it anyway, so why worry and obsess about it. All I can do is be myself and blog what I blog about. In answer to your question, I like both blogs for different reasons. But this one seems a bit more down to earth, and for that reason, I prefer it.

  4. I like them both! But I probably read your other blog more often:)

  5. I love both - I can't choose!

    Take care

  6. Thanks guys! I'm not really looking for reasons or anything in particular, I was just curious since the blogs are both so different. I appreciate your feedback :)

  7. I love both blogs. Your focus is different for each one.

    Unfortunately, in today's world if we want to be a published writer, we have to have that "platform." And a blog/online presence is crucial, especially for someone who's homebound. So, we somehow have to learn how to relax. Slow down. Enjoy the ride. (It would help if Blogger would function as it should!! Just found out from a follower's comment that it was messed up yesterday, when I thought there was something wrong with my computer. Quadruple stress!!!)

  8. I hope it matters, cuz I'm now a follower. I need to buy your book. It's looks super interesting. I put my followers toward the top, cuz I want everyone to see their picture. I wish I knew how to take off the number.

    I can't choose between the two babies, I like them both equally- that's how I am. :)

  9. Ann, you know I'm still struggling with the platform idea. Maybe because I wear too many hats-- writer, editor, self-appointed small press publisher expert lol-- and both books are different genres!! So some days if I come across confused it's because I am!!

    Journaling Woman, well truthfully yes it does matter i just pretend like it doesn't. So nice to see you here at my quiet blog! (I love the title of your blog btw)

  10. okay, I'm new..I'll go check the other one out and get back to you. BUT I wanted to say that I also write nonfiction and sounds like our brains click in similar ways - yep, we're not alone. I toyed with the idea of deleting the [follower] gadget but then I'm be focused on hits, and where the hits come from and if they come back. and if so how often :) honestly....today, I'm focusing on finding other nonfiction writers who have similar goals and stumbling blocks. Best to you, MOnkey ME

  11. Green Monkey, I went to your blog and read the post about meeting your husband. It was AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by and following my blogs :)

  12. Dare I say that I like this blog better? I like to read blogs that tell a story and although I read every post on your other blog this satisfies me more. Peace and quiet after a hard day at work. Ahhh

  13. Yes, Jane you dare say. Thank you! I like it a lot too! My platform is clear here. At the other one I'm not always sure who I am LOL. Or what I'm after! Followers? Well, actually, I think it's simply to be part of the writing community.


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