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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New Shelfari

I've belonged to Goodreads forever. Recently I added Shelfari in order to create a shelf of memoirs, autobiographical novels, biographies, etc that I can then transfer to the sidebar of this blog. Goodreads lists anything and everything I've read, want to read and am reading. Shelfari will be just for the biographical works read recently, that are worth at least 3 stars.

Any suggestions for fantastic memoirs? Autobiographical novels? Biographies? (Ann Best's In the Mirror will go up there once it's done and I've read it. And Karen Walker's Following the Whispers when I finish it.)

I just added Alexandra Crocodile's suggestions of two Norwegian authors-- mystery writers who won't make it to my Shelfari shelf, but still I'm excited to read them.

Oooh, I just love love books! I adore books. Is there a woman alive in this wretched world who doesn't? (That was a movie quote, anyone get it?) I've had a love affair with books ever since I learned to read, and it has not dimmed with age.


  1. Hi

    What a brilliant idea!

    There's lots of room there for plenty more - so enjoy filling them up with all these great books!

    Can't wait to see Ann Best's book there too.

    Take care

  2. Ooh, thanks for including my memoir once you're done. I've loved books since I learned to read as well. If anything, my love affair has grown in passion as I get older.

  3. Have to admit I'll be excited to see my book there, too!! And I want to read Karen W's. I read about it on her blog, and it sounds wonderful. I'll check back to see what you write about it.

    And Karen G. I'll come up with a list in the next few days. I have read, in the past and recently, many fantastic memoirs and autobiographies.

    This shelfari thing sounds very interesting. My problem right now is not enough time for a lot of reading - though I did manage to finish The Book Thief this morning. I basically couldn't put it down. It left me teary-eyed at the end - and I don't cry easily. The poetry of it was astounding. (Not a memoir, of course, but it definitely has the feel of one!! Live a life like "Liesel" and . . . :)

  4. Ann, I would love to see your list!

    Karen, I will probably finish it this weekend! Aren't books wonderful?

    Kitty, Yep plenty of room on that shelf for more! I only wish you would write your story. I'm waiting!


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