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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Lovin'

It's not a family photo but it's a family. At least a few of them *smile* and it illustrates why I generally try not to take the family pictures.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Shenanigans

As August comes round the bend to its close, I am feeling very reflective about this summer. The month of August itself was monumental, with our second to youngest marrying the girl of his dreams. And what was really fun about the wedding/weekend was that all ten of our children were here, along with (not all) but many of their spouses and/or children.

It was just a delightful time. One of our daughters-in-law had a new camera that she was eager to use, so we got the added benefit of a lot of amazing photos, both informal and formal, of the events. I learned an important fact a decade ago when our oldest was married: Parents and siblings of the bride and groom must not be assigned as photographers because it just won't happen! There is so much else to concern them that pictures end up being the last thing on their minds. I've been fortunate to have daughters-in-law who take excellent pictures, or sisters who are right there to get the best shots, or in one case, a son-in-law who took nonstop video that is priceless.

My husband and I celebrated our anniversary (August 13) two days after the wedding. It was such a nice day to just get away, the two of us, and do whatever we felt like. We took a drive in the mountains, we took pictures of each other, we went out to eat, we went to a movie: all the activities we enjoy, nothing really special or fantastic, just having fun together.

Now our youngest is preparing to leave on a two-year mission for our church to-- ta-da!-- Oregon. He is pretty excited. "I've always wanted to live in Oregon," he says. He leaves on September 28.

Another son and his wife are expecting a baby next spring. Life goes on, and it is wonderful. I enjoyed being a mom when my kids were all at home (despite what my journals say, yes I really did enjoy it), and I enjoy this phase as well. I only had two girls, but as my boys marry, I get wonderful daughters-in-law who are like daughters to me.

Besides these big events, this year saw us move from our home of 13 years, and there was my mom's passing on New Year's Day.  I should have known when that happened, that 2011 would be a momentous year.

Now I feel like things are winding down, just like the summer is, and that perhaps there will be a few restful weeks ahead before the holiday activities begin.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Impressed by Dogs

The other day a little girl at our house made a cute noise while jumping down the front stairs. A kind of wo-wo-wo- sound. From far away, across the park, came a returning sound, echoing this-- a dog barking in almost exact replica wo-wo-wo.

And then tonight there was another interesting experience involving dogs. My husband and I watched the movie "Babe" about the pig who thinks it's a sheep dog. The movie has Australian sheep dogs herding sheep, barking, and sounds of the sheep baa-ing. We finish the movie, and he opens the front door to look at the sprinklers going off in our yard. Guess what is standing right there on our front sidewalk, staring at our front door?

It is an Australian sheep dog, waiting expectantly. Presumably for sheep to herd? My husband is petting the dog when the owner comes by, looking for him. Someone had opened the door at their house, and the dog just ran out for no apparent reason.

From two blocks away, inside his house, this Australian sheep dog heard fellow sheep dogs barking and the sheep baaing on our TV, and as soon as he got a chance he escaped to come join the fun.

Now that's impressive.