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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Impressed by Dogs

The other day a little girl at our house made a cute noise while jumping down the front stairs. A kind of wo-wo-wo- sound. From far away, across the park, came a returning sound, echoing this-- a dog barking in almost exact replica wo-wo-wo.

And then tonight there was another interesting experience involving dogs. My husband and I watched the movie "Babe" about the pig who thinks it's a sheep dog. The movie has Australian sheep dogs herding sheep, barking, and sounds of the sheep baa-ing. We finish the movie, and he opens the front door to look at the sprinklers going off in our yard. Guess what is standing right there on our front sidewalk, staring at our front door?

It is an Australian sheep dog, waiting expectantly. Presumably for sheep to herd? My husband is petting the dog when the owner comes by, looking for him. Someone had opened the door at their house, and the dog just ran out for no apparent reason.

From two blocks away, inside his house, this Australian sheep dog heard fellow sheep dogs barking and the sheep baaing on our TV, and as soon as he got a chance he escaped to come join the fun.

Now that's impressive.


  1. That IS impressive. Australian sheep dogs are amazing creatures.

  2. Babe is one of my most favouritest film ever!!! Now why can't a lovely doggie come up to my house when I watch this film!??! LOL! Take care

  3. It's just a good thing the sheep dog had a collar and an owner who came by or we would have been sorely tempted to keep him! His name was Cocoa. He was so cute!

  4. I think that all animals are super-smart in ways that we humans aren't. It's quite amazing, and makes for a great story!

  5. ow awesome is that. Can you imagine having such keen senses?


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