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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Scanning Old Photos into the Computer

You see the "swimming pool" photo from the previous post? This was taken from a tiny Brownie camera shot, a little 3 x 4 photo of the kind that goes into photo albums. It scanned beautifully and looks better than the original. Same with the picture at the top of my blog.

Currently my husband and his sister are on a scanning binge. She and her husband have brought boxes and piles of old family photos over to our house so that the three of them can spend all day in my husband's office scanning them into the computer. It's time-consuming but the results are pretty cool. With the click of a mouse, original photographs can be shared among those interested.

When Farm Girl was being put together, century-old photos were scanned in and became part of the published book. I've included a few on my sidebar here. They look good displayed like this, but the originals are much smaller and somewhat shabby after years of being saved in boxes. Being able to scan them preserves them for the ages. And it's a simple matter to then download them to a thumb drive and take them to Walgreens or Costco to get new prints made.

 Just one more way that computer technology enriches our lives!


  1. Karen, How clever. The scanned photos are amazingly clear. I love the swimming pool tub. So much a picture, depicting the times. Three little blond Scandanavians, as happy as if you were swimming in the pool of the swankest hotel. Love it.
    Love and peace.

  2. I've been doing the same thing -- scanning old photos. It's a big project (understatement) but so fun to look back.

  3. My brother and I divided up the old photos after our mother died recently and promised to send scanned photos to each other. It's time I started working on that. ~Miriam

  4. So glad to have found you here as well. This is more my kind of place as I just finished an enormous task before Christmas, a memoir blog, which I then put on memory sticks and handed out to my three children.
    I'd love to discuss how the process went with other memoirists.

  5. I think the old photos added so much to Farm Girl. I've scanned many of my wife's family photos. Unfortunately, my mom destroyed all of our family photos...

  6. Happy Valentine's Day; I need to do this, but I'm still in the FROG. This will be my next project.
    Thank you for the encouragement; It is a wonderful way to preserve the memories!


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