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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just a little hint?

Looking through some paperwork from my mom's I came across this email she had printed up and saved. It was written back in Dec. 15, 1997 by my then eleven year old son. (I left in his original grammar and spelling)--

Dear grand parents,

how are you?

Mom and dad are trying to make us guess the Christmas presant you sent do you want to give me a little hint?

I hope you are having a good time in illinois. I like it there, do you?



p.s. just a little hint


  1. Awww, that is so adorable! What a great memory to come across. :)

  2. haha how gorgeous!

  3. Awww how sweet and a lovely email to discover too! Take care

  4. This is so sweet, I love she saved this memento!
    I found a Valentine,yesterday from my son. One day late, had an alien on it, inside "You are out of this World". I love how your son kept asking for a hint...too cute!

  5. Look how much that meant to your Mom to keep it. That meant a lot to her. My grandson just posted to me on Facebook and that meant more than anything.
    Love and Peace.

  6. I love it! He still has that lovely charm :)
    We're excited to see you Sunday!

  7. Erin, Isn't he just the cutest thing? I don't remember ever seeing it before either until I found it in Mom's papers.

    Manzanita, That is so cool that you and your grandson can communicate via Facebook.

  8. What was it? Give us a hint.

    Hey! My forebears were from Norway and the British Isles, too. I like to think I'm more fjordy than pasty, though.

  9. Murr, Mine were farmers, and it's from a Norwegian blogger that I learned what motivated them to leave Norway for America in the 1880's. As for the gift, my mom always sent a check so I had gone out and bought something, probably something in a really big package that inspired his curiosity. I think it was a TV and a game system, whatever was popular at the time.


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