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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Lifetime to be Treasured

Here is young Lucille Marker:

Here she is as a young woman:

Here is Lucille Marker Jones with me on tour for Farm Girl, two years ago:

Here she is one month ago, at her granddaughter's wedding:

And lest you think she's confined to a wheelchair (heaven forbid!), here she is with the bride & groom and the bride's parents:

93 years young and still going strong--truly a lifetime to be treasured!


  1. I love that last picture...everyone looks so beautiful, the bride, her mother, and her grandmother. PS. That dress is increadable

  2. Which dress? Mine? My mom's? Or the bride's?

  3. Wow, 93 years. I'm glad she's not confined to a wheelchair, but it seems to help her out.

    I love your daughter's flowers.

  4. That was a great and beautiful post!

  5. Brilliant, brilliant post!! I love Lucille Marker Jones - she's fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing these fab photos of many generations - lovely!!

    take care

  6. Karen, beautiful post and your mother looks wonderful.
    I love the flowers, hydrangeas?
    You look amazing too! What a great day for your mother to see her granddaughter getting married.

  7. Brigid, yes they're hydrangeas, aren't they something? My mom flew out with my sister from Minnesota to Utah for the wedding. She looks so happy because she was thrilled to be there!

    Kitty, and if she ever got a chance to meet you she would love you too!

    Pat, a picture is worth a thousand words!

    Theresa, she wasn't crazy about the wheel chair but my sister insisted since it was a long day with lots of standing around during the photography session.

  8. Wonderful woman, wonderful pics! Amazing day for all of you~

  9. She is still beautiful and looks like she continues to enjoy life.

  10. That cobalt blue dress of hers...I almost said, a bolt of blue! She looks wonderful, and so do you all.

  11. Your mom looks wonderful! I'll bet she's a lot of fun.


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