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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lazy Summer Day

Our 18 year old son twisted an ankle yesterday while playing basketball. After the usual ice pack, elevation and ibuprofen treatment we figured he was ok. Then at midnight he woke us up in terrible pain. My husband took him to the emergency room. No broken bones, but he was fitted with a brace from foot to knee for proper healing.

Illness and accidents (not to mention hospitals) stress me out so bad. I stayed in bed awake while the two of them went off to the hospital. Two hours later they came back and I was able to sleep.

So today as I sit in front of an open window, doing not much beside blogging and checking emails, listening to the birds, the lawnmowers, the wind in the trees I suddenly realize why I'm too tired to do anything else. Being awake from midnight to 2 a.m. will do that to you. I was feeling guilty about wasting time, when really why not just enjoy this beautiful summer day and be grateful for the opportunity to catch up on posting and commenting?

Do I ever love summer! As a child it was all about sleeping late then reading until afternoon when we'd go swimming at the pool. After swimming my sister and I would play Canasta until dinner in a darkened living room (cooler that way). After dinner would be playing baseball, kickball, badminton or croquet with the neighbor kids. Then staying up late reading in bed with a fan blowing on me. (I still do that!)

There was always the long vacation with the family, going camping and visiting my grandma in Nebraska (see Farm Girl for more Nebraska lol!) And see above photo for a scene from one of our campground visits.

Happy summer, everyone! I hope you can all spend some time just doing nothing!


  1. Ah yes, those childhood summer days and evenings in the dry(er) desert air - Salt Lake City. Kickball (I'd forgotten that one) and croquet with neighborhood friends, and then country cousins. Thanks for the memories. And sorry about your son's accident. And yes, why not just enjoy "wasting" time, which I don't think is wasted time if you're enjoying a beautiful day. You're rejuvenating body and mind. (We had one of these days yesterday here in beautiful Northern Virginia.)


    So sorry to hear, but I gotta preach a little...a Sprain can be worse, because most young guys go back TOO FAST! If he will do the right things up front, and rest, Ice, Elevate...his recovery will be faster.

    I know it's not my bidness, but I see so many of those injuries that could heal quicker!!

    Prayers going up!

    How can a MOM not worry and sleep?????


  3. Oh dear! I hope your son is now recovering and feeling better! I hope you and hubbby are also recovering now. What a night of drama.

    I thoroughly agree, summer days like yours now and of days past are to be treasured and savoured.

    take care

  4. Karen, I hope your son recovers, I hate illness or injury with my kids, like yourself I can never sleep.
    Your memories so like my summer ones, it's all got so complicated nowadays and children demand a lot more, I agree we should all enjoy doing nothing.

  5. How strange that I've just posted a comment on Kerryn's 'No Excuses Just Write' blog about being brave enough to admit that you need to do nothing sometimes. This is something that I must take on board. I will try and do nothing today, if I can spare the time.

  6. Ann, Imagine 90% humidity at temperatures in the 80's and 90's (central Illinois) and no air-conditioning, yet I don't remember feeling miserable with the heat like I did later as an adult.

    John, Thanks for the advice! I'll let him see this, since it doesn't always sink in coming from Mom. They told him to do this for 5 days and if it's not better then there may be torn ligaments.

    Jennifer, He's doing so much better. I'm just glad he woke us up when he did. I couldn't have stood if he'd been awake all night in pain while we slept away.

    Brigid, I think small towns where I lived must have been a lot like small Irish towns. At least according to what Barbara said. And one of those friends I played ball with was named Brigid lol! Only I think she spelled it Bridget.

    Rosalind, It does take bravery for a busy person to do nothing sometimes. Only it doesn't feel like it at the time, instead it feels like you're being a slacker when the list is so long. But amazingly I felt replenished by the end of the day and look now I'm up at 4 a.m.

  7. Oh, dear! I hope he's starting to heal up now.

  8. Sometimes just the right thing to do is not to do...but only if you appreciate the not doing. And I think you are....mellow enjoying the environment around you. The family is safe and life has turned good.


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