"Have you thought about writing your family history, but found yourself stuck from the start? Writing a family narrative can be a daunting task, but Karen Jones Gowen found a way to bring her mother's story to life." (Homespun Magazine)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My quiet blog

For those of you who visit my other blog you may notice a different tone here. This is a quiet blog. I won't be posting awards, or shouting at the Universe, or putting a really long blog list on my sidebar. I currently have no blog list on my sidebar, although I plan on remedying that real soon. Because I want to feature story-teller blogs. The seanchai blogger.

Here's where I come to get away from the chase for followers and zillions of comments. This is my quiet garden. Coming Down the Mountain is hey, look at me! Listen to me! Follow me! (Embarrassing to admit, but yes it's true. I've gotten sucked in. I need an escape.)

I'm not even sure what all to do here. Right now I'm contemplating. Meditating. Let's just see what unfolds.

Thank you for being here with me.


  1. I like what you say here about having a quiet place. I'll have to think what this would be for me. I'm not sure it would be another blog. Blogging, as I've discovered, can get overwhelming. And now I'm trying to figure out Twitter. A quiet place will have to be somewhere in my mind, in the silence of my small living room--away from TV AND computer. Gazing out our front window at the Shenandoah Mountains. Curling up on the sofa and reading a good book. Not worrying about things that in the eternal scheme of things don't really matter. I think memoirs matter, because they are records of who we are now and may be in the future.

  2. Ann, twitter? Really? That would be awesome if you can do it. It might really be a good networking tool for you, considering you've got to figure it all out without leaving home.

  3. Hi Karen, I've kicked off my shoes, is that Vivaldi playing in the background ? I like it here and I agree with you, my blog is kind of in-between your two. I am mainly blogging to communicate with people and love hearing other peoples stories, I'm story-gathering as well as trying to tell stories. By the way, have a look out for international 'memoir' competitions, saw something somewhere, cant remember where. Enjoy your blog of calm !

  4. Hi

    Nothing like a bit of peace and quiet from the madness and chaos outside!



  5. Quiet is all together too rare. It's nice to have someplace to go to escape. :)

  6. Twitter is pretty cool. Not at all quiet though. If you all decide to try twitter please find me at @cfmjewels.

    While blogs can be organized and focused, twitter is the 'clutter' of social networking. It takes some getting used to. Blogs are good for writing, Twitter is good for conversation (but talk fast).

  7. I visit for the peace and Zen like aura offered here. Well it’s back to the hustle bustle. On second thoughts maybe I'll just have a cup of tea.

  8. My hectic day is fading from my mind. Those patients no longer exist. I have regressed back to the peace I felt this morning after a solid nights sleep. Thank you peacefull blog.

  9. Jane, You're welcome! Thanks for visiting. Did you bring brownies?

    Ann, Yes please sit down and have a cup with me! We'll eat Jane's brownies.

    Colette, I won't say never, but I'm not sure I'm interested in twitter. Can't yet get my head around it. Yes, I expect it would be very fast & very noisy.

    Sarahjayne, So glad you dropped by!

    Kitty, Let me know if Amazon gets Farm Girl to you. After all this waiting I hope you won't be disappointed.

    Brigid, Vivaldi? No, it's Mozart's concerto for the clarinet and bassoon. So incredibly peaceful.

  10. shhhh While I'm quietly looking around here I'll just mention that there is something for your giraffe at my blog. :o)

  11. Oooh, I like the idea of having a "quiet" blog. Very much indeed. I like the tone here, and will poke around awhile more, if you don't mind! ;)

  12. Terresa, Welcome! I try to use fewer !'s and lol's here to calm myself down.


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