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Saturday, July 24, 2010

All about me, me, me and thanks for stopping by!

Welcome to new followers Patricia, Angela and Myrna, and thank you for your kind comments on my essay post.

How does anyone find this quiet, hidden blog? I don't promote it. It has a lot to do with my books and how I write and my interest in writing from life, but I don't try to get followers like I do on my other one. However, when you show up it's always a thrill!

Lately I've been on twitter a lot which has given me a huge headache. I'm involved with starting a website for published authors and needing to network via twitter. It's exhausting. Here are a few words I never thought would be in my vocabulary:





Marketing & Promotion

Designing & developing a website

I knew the words, but never cared. I wanted to write and let the 21st century go its merry way while I --

Rearranged my furniture

Pulled weeds in my flower beds

Had parties with my many children & celebrated their various stages of life

Watched the koi in the pond and counted their offspring

Cooked when I felt like it

Read a million books

Worked when I found a job after Costco....

Oh yes, and write. Who would have guessed what the writing would lead to? Back to the twittering, the networking, the website...


  1. :-)

    I'm so behind 21st century words - ipad, ipod, ithis, ithat, wi, wii, wi-fi...oh dear!! I think that's why I love this site - it's a haven away from all that madness!!! Twitter is bird-watcher as far as I know..!

    Take care

  2. Kitty, I feel bipolar-- there's the modern me and the old-fashioned me who doesn't want anything to do with the modern stuff. But I've compensated a little bit anyway by giving up TV and anything to do with popular culture. That's my compromise to keep me somewhat balanced!

  3. Karen, I retired about a year ago. I've found that I now have less time than when I was working...

  4. Pat, You're retired? Your wife looks way too young and attractive to be married to a retired guy.

  5. Oh, I follow your other blog too. :o)

  6. I like your list, it reminds me of mine, well the lower part of it ;-D I can dream about the top half

  7. Great post, reminds me that while I'm busy writing about my writing, networking, twittering, facebooking, blogging... I'm not actually writing :-)

  8. Myrna, I know and I'm always surprised when someone over there finds me over here!

    Ellie, I like dreaming about the lower half. Twittering doesn't motivate me to write, but staring out the window at tree leaves does somehow.

    Charmaine, I guess that's why so many of us are blogging about the lack of balance and taking "breaks" from blogging to do actual writing.

  9. I try to inch myself into contemporary cyber society....maybe an inch a year.

  10. LOL Jerry, that's how I used to be until I had books and stuff that needed pitching.

  11. And now you can add a Charlottean from New England who lived in Turkey to your list of connections via the great www!


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